About Us


JLB Custom Construction is dedicated to ensuring a high quality home, both in finishes and in construction materials.

Joe is a 3rd generation carpenter who has been working in the Houston residential construction industry for over 30 years.

About Joe

During High School and College, I worked for my Father’s interior trim and remodeling company.

In 2001, I began supervising high-end residential construction sites in West University, Southside Place, Bellaire, and the Heights.

Now, I have taken my talents to the next level by creating my own construction company, JLB Custom Construction. By doing this I can guarantee a quality product from foundation to final cleaning.

Our Values

Joe is a true professional and master of his trade, and treats each project with the care and consideration it deserves. Joe is a  master craftsman with lifelong, hands-on experience, and can help turn your dream home into reality.

By establishing my own construction philosophy, I can ensure that quality extends beyond attention to detail. It also includes superior frame materials, long tested plumbing techniques, and energy efficient materials and construction.

In essence, those things which are out of sight are just as important to me as the beautiful finishes that customer come to expect.